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Dip & Roll™ Fondue Cups

Our unique Dip & Roll fondue cups include everything for a sophisticated snack. Just melt, dip your treats in our special toppings, and enjoy!

ChocoMaker® Dip & Roll fondue cups help make an elegant dessert experience just for you or to share with your guests.

Dip & Roll fondue cups are packaged in a BPA free, microwave-safe dipping cup and can go from pantry to party in a matter of minutes. Pair with fresh strawberries, pretzels, or cookies for a unique dessert.

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  • Chocolate candy and decorations together in one package
  • Easy-to-use, microwavable, BPA free cup
  • Features unique decorations

Uses & Tips

  • Use with fruit, pretzels, or cookies
  • Great for kids or adult parties
  • Melt chocolate and pour on ice cream, then sprinkle with unique decorations

Nutrition Info

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Additional Product Info

Use the different Dip & Roll options to make all kinds of tasty treats. Dip and Roll selection

Dip & Roll is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Melt candy wafer in the included microwave-safe cup.Melt

2. Dip your dessert.Dip

3. Roll in the included sugar shapes.Roll

It couldn’t be any easier, but don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.Dip and Roll GIF