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The Top Chocolate Trends and Innovations

The top chocolate trends and innovations

Chocomaker Presents The Top Chocolate Trends and Innovations of The Year:

Cocoa Powered Cars.

Now used as alternative motor fuel, cocoa butter, the fat from cocoa trees, is being explored as an exciting new natural gas alternative.

Chocolate Wine.

Longtime favorites, these two top flavors are coming together in one place, a red wine bottle.

Chocolate Massage.

Cocoa butter has long been used for dry skin and now chocolate massages, using actual chocolate, are on spa menus and cosmetic counter.

Cocoa Shells Gardening Mulch.

The shells or husks from cocoa beans are aromatic gardening additions that can create a stunning looking and sweet smelling flowerbed.

Cooking with Cocoa Butter.

Being touted as the new alternative cooking oil, cocoa butter not only adds great flavors, it imparts extra smoothness to desserts like cookies and brownies.

Cooking with Chocolate.

A trendy spice for savories, cocoa powder is used on meats and cocoa nibs as a substitute for nuts in everything from bakery goods to salads.

Raw Cocoa.

Under processed, this chocolate is similar to how early Aztecs made chocolate, using low heat and no machines. While it’s not fussy, this back to basic recipe is gaining favor.

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