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How I Perfected the Art of Dipping and Decorating Donuts

Do's and Don'uts - ChocoMaker

Dipping ready-made (we used Entenmann’s plain) donuts in melted candy wafers can be a messy, time consuming process. For our recent photo shoot, I spent two days making that mess. Let me try and help make it easier and faster for you so that you can create an amazing and colorful assortment like we did here in the ChocoMaker kitchen.

Entenman's Soft'ees Donuts

Tips for Professional Looking Donuts

First off, if you are dipping more than 20 donuts (they come in 12 packs) with different ChocoMaker decorations, I strongly suggest you make a visual table chart laying out for you just how many donuts are dipped in each wafer color, and what the corresponding decoration will be. This will allow you to make sure you have as many variations as possible ensuring a lot of colorful options.

When you are ready to start dipping set up a clean work space with everything, including the decorettes, arranged around you. This will – one, ensure you don’t accidentally get anything you don’t want on your donuts and two – avoid the panic of trying to find your ChocoMaker shimmer stars while your donut, beautifully dipped in melted candy wafers, is setting.

Another small thing that will save you a lot of time and effort is working candy wafer color by color to avoid any unnecessary re-melting. Now for the actual donut dipping, I found it’s easiest to hold the donut with three fingers and your thumb, dip about halfway down, trying to stay even around the edges, and then while the donut is still upside down, shake off any excess melted candy. Your decorettes should go on immediately before the donuts set.

Be creative and Have Fun!

Colorful Decorated Donuts

Dip, drizzle, and sprinkle. Using a pastry bag, string lines, or pipe a flower or a football if you want, just make sure it makes you smile. After you set up, it’s pretty easy and fun to go one-by-one till you’ve created an amazing assortment. Send us a picture of your dipped and decorated donuts. We’d love to see them!

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