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Nutrition and Allergen Information

We have made the nutrition panel for every ChocoMaker® product available for purchase on our website viewable below. These nutrition panels contain calories, fat content, etc, along with ingredients and allergen information. The nutrition panels are organized by product categories. Click the desired category name to reveal all product nutrition panels contained in that category, then click on a product name to view the corresponding nutrition panel.

  • 1. Candy Shred
    • Blue Candy Shred
    • Green Candy Shred
    • Orange Candy Shred
    • Pink Candy Shred
    • Purple Candy Shred
    • Yellow Candy Shred
  • 2. Decorettes
    • Dark Chocolate Curls
    • Marbled Chocolate Curls
    • Milk Chocolate Flakes
    • White Chocolate Crisp Pearls
  • 3. Fountain Candy
    • Dark Chocolate Flavored Fountain Fondue Dipping Chocolate
    • Milk Chocolate Flavored Fountain Fondue Dipping Chocolate
    • White Vanilla Flavored Fountain Fondue Dipping Chocolate
  • 5. Simply Melt
    • Dark Chocolate Flavored Simply Melt
    • Milk Chocolate Flavored Simply Melt
    • White Vanilla Flavored Simply Melt
  • 6. Sugar Shapes
    • Blue Confetti Sugar Shapes
    • Green Confetti Sugar Shapes
    • Mixed Butterfly Shimmer Shapes
    • Mixed Confetti Shimmer Shapes
    • Mixed Daisy Shimmer Shapes
    • Pink Confetti Sugar Shapes
    • Purple Confetti Sugar Shapes